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CE Marking /Product Certification

What is CE Mark?

The CE Mark, which is affixed to a product or its packaging, is considered proof that a product has met the requirements of the harmonized European standard. CE marking on a product indicates to all authorities that the product is in compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the directives that apply to the product.

APC Product Certification is a flexible product conformity service based on the supply of test reports (from approved laboratories and testing facilities), manufacturing site audit and on-going annual audits.

How Do You Acquire CE Marking?

  • Determine if any directives apply to your product. If more than one applies you will have to comply with all of them.
  • Determine the extent to which your product complies with the essential requirements for design and manufacturing in the applicable directive(s).
  • Choose the conformity assessment procedure from the options called out by the directive for your product. The directives often use a series of questions about the nature of your product to classify the level of risk and refer to a chart called "Conformity Assessment Procedures". The chart includes all the acceptable options available to a manufacturer to certify their product and affix the CE Marking. Options for products with minimal risk include self certification where the manufacturer prepares a declaration of conformity and affixes the CE Marking to their own product. Options for products with greater risks can require tests, audits or additional certificates
  • Select the applicable product standards and test methods for your product and select an independent laboratory if the product testing is to be done externally.
  • Establish an authorized representative for regulatory affairs in the European Union for your product. Some directives require a manufacturer designate in Europe, a representative to produce technical documentation in a systematic manner when called upon to do so. The directives require for many products that a technical file be prepared by the manufacturer. The technical file holds information that verifies that the testing was conducted properly and that the product complies with applicable standards.
  • Prepare a declaration of conformity that includes a list of the directives and standards that your product conforms to; product identification, the manufacturer's name, address and signature. The declaration of conformity contains information adequate for tracing the product back to the manufacturer or the authorized representative in the European Union.
  • Affix the CE Marking to your product. There are specific rules to adhere to in CE Marking. These rules address the size and location of the marking, affixing the CE Marking to products, packaging and material or documents shipped with the product, and specific limitations on when and who is permitted to affix the CE Marking.
  • We offer a continuously increasing scope of CE marking and other Product Certifications covering a wide range of domains. Our highly respected and recognised Product Certification service meets all the requirements for third party product accreditation in line with the requirements of ISO 17065:2012 and complying with many International Standards.

    Whether you design or manufacture or market industrial / consumer goods, you need to ensure that your products meet a wide range of stringent specifications. Our Product certification service helps your customers to trust the quality of your products and make confident purchase decisions.

    Certification Services

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